Shadoz 2019 Report

Hi to all Shadoz Bands and Supporters, our thanks to you for being with us on October 20th at The Knox Club, Wantirna. Over 130 attended this year’s event with standing room only at one stage during the afternoon.

Special thanks go to several people who assisted in making this year’s event a success:

Neil McLeod, who is a Committee Member of Warriors Victoria who hold a monthly Open Mic at The Knox Club. Neil organised the loan of WV Drum Kit and he contributed to this by lending his professional Cymbals. Neil is the drummer with Wildcard Band

Andrew Moseby, who lent us two of his Fender Amps which enabled all who used these to attain that Shadows sound. Andrew is the guitarist with Wildcard.

Con Anag, our hard working sound technician who recorded the whole event, as advised to all bands, Con is making available to all bands/performers a video recording of their particular set lists. The writer has requested Con to look at producing a video “montage” of this year’s Shadoz, more later.

Jo Ann Wood and her team at The Knox Club, their support and use of The Elms Room resulted in an excellent afternoon.

Gerry Halpern, Neil McLeod and Jack Collins for assisting in setting up the stage and back line up, in the limited time available this was achieved just in time for the first act.

Bands, All performers met performance times allocated, at the end of the day we were just 10 minutes  behind schedule

The standard of music played during this year’s Shadoz was outstanding with a wide variety of tunes/vocals presented. This year was slightly different to those in the past in that we had two bands (Wildcard & Paradise Flats) singing Cliff Richard hits from the past as part of their performances.

Supporters, a demonstration of the support to this year was busloads of supporters from Geelong and Bittern who came along to enjoy the music. Also our thanks to those who contributed to our mailing list by filling in the forms supplied.

New groups who supported us included:

The Bayside Drifters From Geelong, a highlight of their performance was young Charlie Gregory (10 years old) who played 3 songs and demonstrated his prowess on guitar.

Wildcard who traditionally are a R&R Group took up the challenge of playing Shadows Instrumentals plus Cliff Richard songs. We suspect that their bass player (Eugene van Den Huevel) played a part in song selection. Eugene is a Shadows enthusiast.

The Silver Shadows who hail from the Peninsula and were one of then first bands to offer their services, great to hear some Shadows songs from the past

Paradise Flats, a band with great potential going into the future, their blend of vocals and instrumentals resulted in a very listenable set. We will see more of them.

The Eddys (a la The Allstars) presented Duane Eddy tunes and had the place rockin’, it is not often hear that blend of Gretsch Guitar sound, courtesy of Barry Roy and a rasping Sax belting out Duane Eddy classics.

Long Term Bands:

As of previous years Man of Mystery opened the show with Kane Whistance on lead guitar, we had requested bands not to play Apache but Kane asked whether he could as this is a special song for him. His performance was excellent. Ably supported by Jack Collins (Rhythm Guitar), Gerry Halpern (Drums) and Dan McLachlan (Bass) who supported Kane

Once a year The Avengers get together to perform at Shadoz, great band with lots of experience and know how to present Shadows music. Our thanks to Rob Watson in getting the band together for his one event.

Like The Avengers, Shadamataz re-form for Shadoz events, the line up has changed little with the exception that John Hall (drummer) was unable to attend due to medical issues. We wish John the very best for the future and hope to see him perform at future Shadoz.
Larry Keane (ex Victoria Police Band) more than ably filled the role as drummer for the day, our thanks to Larry.

As a mark of respect, on stage was Stewie Male’s Blonde AC30 Vox Amplifier, Stewie was an original member of Shadamataz and, sadly, is no longer with us. Our thanks to Mick Collins current owner of the AC30 who lent us the amp for the day.

Joey D’Rozario entertained all with his mix of humour and great playing of Shadows hits. It is always a pleasure to have Joey with us with his experience in entertaining audiences.

We acknowledge the support of all Band Members who gave their time to make this year totally memorable:

MAN OF MYSTERY:                                        Kane Whistance-Lead Guitar
                                                                        Jack Collins-Rhythm Guitar
                                                                        Gerry Halpern-Drums
                                                                        Dan McLachlan-Bass

SILVER SHADOWS:                                         Ron Nolte-Lead Guitar
                                                                        Kevin Marshall-Rhythm Guitar
                                                                        Troy Eckhardt-Drums
                                                                        Steve Yarrow-Bass

WILDCARD:                                                     Chris Clegg-Vocals/Guitar/Keys
                                                                        Andrew Moseby-Lead Guitar
                                                                        Eugene Van Den Heuvel-Bass
                                                                        Neil McLeod-Drums

PARADISE FLATS:                                           Ron McLean-Vocals/Guitar
                                                                        Steve Hamilton-Rhythm Guitar
                                                                        Christian Armansin-Bass
                                                                        John Woolcok-Drums

JOEY D’ ROZARIO:                                          Guitar/Humour/Vocals

THE AVENGERS:                                             Rob Watson-Bass/Vocals
                                                                        Nello Giansiracusa-Lead Guitar
                                                                        Sam Manuele-Rhythm Guitar
                                                                        John Fagani-Drums

BAYSIDE DRIFTERS:                                        Peter Taylor-Lead Guitar
                                                                        Dave Hayward-Rhythm Guitar
                                                                        Charles Smith-Bass
                                                                        Wayne MacKay-Drums
                                                                        Charlie Gregory-Guitar

THE EDDYS:                                                     Graham Broomfield-Sax.
                                                                        Barry Roy-Guitar
Rick Burger-Keys
Frank Burns-Drums
                                                                        Ian B. Allen OAM-Bass

SHADAMATAZ:                                               Russell Baird-Lead guitar
                                                                        John Beshara-Rhythm Guitar
                                                                        Geoff Manning-Keys
                                                                        Lisa Baird-Trombone
                                                                        Larry Kean-Drums
                                                                        Dan McLachlan-Bass

If any reader wishes to make contact with the above, please contact Dan McLachlan, email:, mob: 0411146540

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