February Update

Hi to all our Shadoz supporters, our apologies re tardiness in keeping you up to date, events such as Xmas/New Year Holidays etc intervened.

On a positive note, we have looked at the agenda and can advise that we have created additional space for bands, this brought about by requests from musicians wishing to perform. So, if you can put together a group, let us know and we arrange times etc.

For those who remember the great Stewie Male, we can advise that, courtesy of Mike Collins, we will have on stage Stewies original Blonde AC30. Mike is the current owner and he has generously donated the amp for our use during Shadoz 17. So, lead guitarists can enjoy the sound of an original Vox AC30 lovingly maintained by Stewie.

On the subject of stage equipment, we can advise that Warriors Victoria (www.warriorsvictoria.com) have agreed for us to use their complete back line up (Sound System/Amps/Drum Kit etc) on the day. WV hold monthly Open Mics once a month (Sundays) at The Knox Club, they cordially invite all musicians to come along, meet fellow artists and enjoy a fun afternoon of music. We sincerely thank WV for their generous offer.

So, all you need to bring is your Instrument/Pedals/Drum Sticks, stage gear will include:

Stewies AC30. New Vox AC30. 100W Fender. 300W Mark Bass. Black Ice Drum Kit. Sound System with Mics/DI Boxes

FYI we have extracted from the WV web site the following:

What Is Warriors Victoria:

WV is a creative avenue for amateur musicians to participate in musical adventures where their goals may be casual playing or organising themselves into bands or groups. We encourage musicians of all levels to join WV.

2017 Open Mic Calendar:

5th Feb, 5th Mar, 2nd Apr, 7th May, 2nd Jul, 6th Aug, 3rd Sept, 1st Oct

So, we are on track for a great afternoon at The Knox Club on Sunday February 26th.