About Shadoz

The Shadoz Story

Shadoz probably had it’s origins at the Woolpack Hotel in Carlton (Melbourne) in the early 1980’s. A couple of casual gigs were organised to coincide with The Shadows visit to Australia, the launch of my (now long unavailable) book “The Shadows In Australia”, and the visit to Melbourne of Ian Kershaw, the founder of “SCOFA” (Shadows Circle Of Friends Australia”). Fast forward almost 20 years, and Russell Baird suggested that we consider a “Shadows music jamming event”, combining the concepts of the popular UK Shadows tribute clubs and Bruce Welch’s annual “Shadowmania”.

A number of meetings ensued (over a beer or two) and it was decided that the event would be called “Shadoz”. Our first gig was at the Bridge Hotel, 642 Bridge Road, Richmond on Saturday 2 February 2003. A ‘cosy’ venue that appeared to suit our needs. The intention was to devote the afternoon session to casual players, those who wanted to ‘strut their stuff’ or rehearse for the evening session. With the assistance of our team (Jenny and Sue, Kim, Bryce, Ian Allen and others) the day got under way with The Fendermen, Five O’Clock Shadows (from Tasmania), Bill Forrester, Kim Humphreys, The Faded Shades, The Flingel Bunts, Shadamataz (with Stewart Male), Fading Shadows, (don’t you love those names?) all making contributions. Most encouraging was the obvious new friendships being formed, providing us with the urge to make this an annual event.

More meetings preceded the 2004 “Shadoz”, and it was decided that the Queen’s Birthday weekend would be most suitable for future gigs. This was to allow interstate guests to have time to return home, and accommodation in Melbourne was more easily available (other long weekends had the Melbourne Open tennis, Melbourne Cup, Grand Prix etc) so we returned to “The Bridge” on Sunday 13 June 2004 for more punishment! Kim Humphreys once again helped with the sound system and his sensational playing, whilst the Imposters (essentially The All Stars), b (with John Cosgrove), The 5 O’Clock Shadows, David Rogerson, Bryan Bowne (10 year old), Joey D’Rozario, Barry Roy, Con Anag, “Midlife Crisis” and others made it into a memorable day. Ian Allen MC’d, and held the whole thing together.

The Bridge” was not available (due to renovations), so we sought a new venue. We chose “The Local”, 22 Bay Street, Port Melbourne for 2005. Sunday 12 June saw Harry’s Webb make their debut, as did V.J.King Jr., and Voxy Music. Stalwarts Shadamataz, The Fendermen, Bryan Browne (now 11!) and his Dad Adrian, Kim Humphreys (with guest Graham Broomfield), Martin Cilia , The Imposters, David Rogerson, Midlife Crisis were joined by the legendary Strangers for another great day. Unfortunately the “Local” did not prove ideal for our needs (sound problems, poor access to stage, parking etc) so on to the next venue! Our good friend and “Shadoz” supporter Stewart Male sadly passed away on 10 December 2004, so we decided to honour him by presenting a “Stewy” award – the first being presented to Ian Allen for his contribution thus far.

2006 saw a new venue with a HUGE stage and all facilities – The Croxton Park Entertainment Complex in High Street, Thornbury. The ‘Croc’ was a well known band venue in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. The ’06 Shadoz was dedicated to the late Tony Meehan, the Shadows original drummer. Among those appearing this year were Adrian Browne & Shadamataz, Tony Kiek & Baz Woollert, Kim Humphreys , Harry’s Webb, Joey D’Rozario, Alex Matthews, Bryan Browne, Voxy Music, Midlife Crisis, The Flying Bombora Brothers (inc. Martin Cilia ), The Imposters and Shazam. The “Stewy” award was deservedly given to Kim Humphreys .

The “Croc” was again the scene for the 2007 Shadoz”. Again, we welcomed new bands and old. Among those appearing were The Avengers, Shadamataz, Harry’s Webb, Alex Matthews Band, Shazam, Kim Humphreys, The 5 O’Clock Shadows, Bill Rowley, Bryan Browne, Voxy Music, Martin Cilia, The All Stars (with David Rogerson), Midlife Crisis, “Stack It” and Peter Briggs & The Vikings. The “Stewy” was awarded to our ‘resident’ drummer, John Hall , in recognition of his behind the scenes support.

Another change of venue, this time to the Northcote RSL, 496 High Street, Northcote for the 2008 event, on 8 June. As usual, the Sydney contingent complained about Melbourne’s cold weather, but were happy to contribute. George Lewis & Tony Kiek, Shazam, Michael Buyukoz, Alive ‘n’ Kickin’, Craig Burke, The Trojans, Shadamataz, Bryan Browne, Shindig, Stack It, Martin Cilia , [email protected] (ex Midlife Crisis) and Ben Rogers’ Instrumental Asylum all made this one of the best Shadoz ever. The “Stewy” award was presented to our Tasmanian (overseas!) friends, the “Five O’Clock Shadows”.

So, onto 7 June 2009, again at the Northcote RSL. More new acts, the return of old favourites and more. The Neau Starlight Wranglars, Alive ‘n’ Kickin’, Michael Buyukoz, Space Party, Craig Burke, Bob Brown, The Shedows (ex Shazam), Shindig, Five O’Clock Shadows, Martin Cilia , Ben Rogers Instrumental Asylum , Shadamataz, The Futuras, Bryan Browne and [email protected] were the featured guests this year. The 2009 “Stewy” went to “Mister Guitar Junior”, Bryan Browne.

Due to various commitments by the organisers, the 2010 Shadoz did not eventuate, but we are back bigger and better in 2011. Keep Sunday 12 June free for a day of instrumental bliss!
Over the 7 great Shadoz events, we have evolved from being a Shadows tribute show to include instrumentals from all genres, and include music of the Atlantics, Ventures, Duane Eddy, Chet Atkins, Johnny & The Hurricanes, Django Reinhardt, the Spotnicks, Fireballs, Astronauts, Surfaris, Tornados, Booker T. & The MG’s and many more. We gratefully thank all of our helpers over the years, some of which include Gary O’Rorke (staging, technical support), my lovely sisters Jen & Sue (taking your money at the door!), Ian Allen, Bill Rowley, Dan McLaclachlan, David Rogerson and others (MC), Vicki & Brett (sound & lighting), Elaine & Alan Cobb (sales table), Bryce Grainger, Harry Subritzki & Mandy Hall (video & photography), John Hall , Ian Williams & others (loan of equipment) and many others, including staff and management of the various venues. And most of all, the patrons and especially the musicians, who make it all possible.

In my newsletter “2Good4Words” #26, I compiled a list of the various participants of Shadoz from 2003 to 2009 – reproduced here:

Ian B. Allen (**), Charlie Anag (*), Con Anag, Richard Andrews (** 5 O’Clock Shadows), John Archer, Emma Ashmore, Darren Atkinson, Lisa Baird, Russell Baird, John Beshara, Tanya Bethune, Billy Billings, Vince Bradley, Graham Broomfield, Bob Brown, Rory Brown, Adrian Browne, Bryan Browne (**), Michael Bruce, Craig Burke, Frank Burns, Bill Burton (** 5 O’Clock Shadows), David Button, Michael Buyukoz, Martin Cilia, Denis Close, Mal Codling, Richard Codron, John Cosgrove, Kevin Crockett, Matt Crump, Jeff Cullen, Peter Davidson (** 5 O’Clock Shadows), Joey D’Rozario, Stephen Dudakov, Ray Eames, Shannon Ebeling, Ros Endersbee, John Fagnani, Peter Fogie, Bill Forrester, Michael Galvin, Nello Giansiracusa, Bob Goodall, John Hall (**), Gerry Halpern, Mike Hardware, Don Hill (*), Wes Hoffman, Les Horder, Ray Houston, Kim Humphreys (**), Ken Hutchison, Noel Hyslop, Michael Ingham, David Jasper (*), Gary Jenkins, Gordon Johns, Kevin Kerr, Bob Kerstjens, Tony Kiek, V. J. King Jr., Michael Kirshon, Kevin Lauro, Daniel Leale, George Lewis, Peter Litchfield, Kate Littlewolf, Lionel Lubitz, Peter Lumsden (Briggs), Graeme Lyngcoln, Ian Mair, Stewart Male (*), Robert Manion, Jeff Manning, Sam Manuele, Alex Matthews, Mike McCabe, Len McGill, Dan McLachlan, Tony Mercer, Ron Mizzi, Peter Moore, John Morgan, Gary Newton, Nigel Perera, Alex Plegt, Wayne Powell, Toni Randle, Harry Reiter, Peter Robinson, Ben Rogers, David Rogerson, Bill Rowley, Barry Roy, Marty Saunders, Brian Savage, Nikki Scarlett, Michael Smith, Robert Smith, Grant Speedy, Brian Sprague, Ian Stewart, Andy Swan, Barry Treloar, Noel Tresider, Perry Van Berkel, Eugene Van Der Heuvel, Rob Watson, Justin Wheelahan, Paul Whelan, Kane Whistance, Ian Williams, Barry (Baz) Woollett, Colin Young.
(**) = “Stewy” winner; (*) = Deceased

Thanks to all for making these special days so memorable!!


Geoff Jermy & Russell Baird